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The Renter and additional drivers must be between the ages of 23 and 65 for standard category cars and 25 to 65 for luxury category cars, and they must have a full and valid national... read more

For Unpaid Bookings, Please cancel your booking and make a new one with the correct booking information. We are unable to edit unpaid bookings.

For paid bookings, yes, it is possible... read more

Only online booking and payment are available at We do not take bookings through any other means (phone call or SMS). Please contact our live chat representative if you have any... read more

A. General Note/Process

Rental & deposit paid will remain in the booking page of each customer and the deposit will be transferred to his WaCash account upon check-in and will only available... read more

Any cancellation of booking that has been made by the User for Lease Vehicle via the Website can be made by the User by sending an email to WAHDAH or a telephone call to our hotline. Official... read more

Car rental excess fees are the amount of money that a renter must pay if the rental car is damaged or stolen during the rental period. In other words, it is the maximum amount that the... read more

The claim can usually be divided into three categories which are fuel charges, summons and damages:

Fuel Charges

We will give you a full tank of petrol upon the car collection, if the vehicle... read more

Yes, you can. You may Log in to your Wahdah account > Cases > Action > Pay, to utilize your deposit to pay for the claim. Select "WaCash" as your payment method to deduct from... read more


There are two (2) ways for submitting your document:

1. After making payment, you will receive an email from WAHDAH containing a link to upload your document. Click on the red button... read more

According to Section 28 outlined in the Road Transport Act 1987, of the act, ASEAN license holders can drive in Malaysia with their domestic licenses, provided they are valid. Hence, drivers from... read more

WAHDAH can accept your Singapore Digital Driving License uploaded into our system. However, in case of traffic police stop you, you need to have a physical card to present to the officer. Malaysia... read more